Attestation for Recruiters

Recruitment, it’s one of those jobs that gets very little praise but a good recruiter can be the difference between the job of your dreams or unemployment hell. 

If you’re a recruiter for any given job you might screen hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes, get in touch with dozens of people, meet with many of them and finally, put the lucky “few” to interview with your client.  It’s time consuming and generally your client wants everything done yesterday.  So. when your candidate eventually gets a job offer everything needs to move quickly so that they can start work on time and you can get paid!  It’s at this point, especially for expats, that you often discover that your recruited candidate hasn’t got any of their necessary documents authenticated/attested and now there’s a very real concern that they will lose their job offer and you will lose your hard-earned commission. And all of this could have been so easily avoided.


You are a support system 

Attestation/authentication has now become a standard and mandatory requirement across the UAE, so it would be highly beneficial for all parties involved in the recruitment process to be proactive about this process. Ensuring the required documents are fully and properly attested is crucial to bring about a successful conclusion to what could be a long recruitment process. 


Recruiters provide a lot of support to their candidates during the job search process. Part of your job, in fact, is to make sure they are fully prepared to take on a role that is offered after all the hard work is put in.  Paperwork is hardly something you want/need to worry about. 

Attestation can be a very time consuming and sometimes complicated process. The cost of doing it yourself or having your client do it themselves is time & energy spent, frustration at the lack of the knowledge of the process & concerns about the safety & security of crucial documents. 


What can you do about it? 

Partnering with a company that specializes in attestation will remove one hurdle of the recruitment process for you. Ensuring that the required documents are not only attested, but attested with 100% accuracy. You and your client will both have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your documents are being handled by secure courier, trusted partners and tracked by our team members at every stage of the process. 

Take a look at the services we offer here or give us a call on +971 (0)4-556-7338 to see how we can help you. 


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