The Hidden Stress of the Eid Holidays

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already planned every moment of the upcoming Eid holidays in the UAE. And who can blame us, with the Public Sector official getting the whole week off it is likely the Private Sector will also enjoy an extended holiday.  With the weekends either side that’s a full nine days off work. Which makes this Eid Al Fitr the perfect time to go away for a holiday to somewhere exotic or even a long stay-cation in one of the many beautiful options right here in our own backyard.

eid holidays and attestation

The Downside of Eid Holidays

We also know that the last thing you want to worry about, especially around Eid, is having your documents attested in time. That’s why we’re here to take care of the entire attestation process for you. 

However, it’s important to remember is that while you’re off enjoying your Eid holidays, so is every government official in the UAE. Not only that, but every UAE Embassy around the world will be closing for the official Eid Holidays as well (regardless of what country they are in). And this does not just apply to the UAE, many Embassies of Muslim countries will also be closed for Eid Holidays (the length may vary from Embassy to Embassy, but the minimum is three days). Add that in with each country’s weekends and it means that the Embassies could be closed for at least five days.

Why do you need documents attested?

eid holidays and attestation

That’s five days where your document will be sitting on a desk waiting for officials to come back to work after the Eid holidays to stamp it. As we all know in this region, document attestation isn’t done just because people are extra thorough. Attestation of educational/personal/commercial documents is a requirement for many reasons here. Employment, studies, family sponsorship, maternal healthcare, registering of children born in the country, registering children in schools, opening a new company or opening a branch of a company are all activities that require attested documents.

Not having the necessary documents attested will result in a delay of everything you need done using these documents. Your family may have to wait longer than planned to join you, your children may miss some school and the company you’ve dreamed of starting with will face unnecessary and at times, costly delays.

That’s why we cannot stress enough that if your attestation needs are time sensitive you need to act as soon as possible to minimize the impact of the extended holidays.

The Solution?

The simple answer to all this potential worry is to get in touch with us, today. We can take care of all your attestation requirements (not just for the UAE, but all over the world) with a 100% acceptance guarantee and we’ll also give you realistic timeframes (not just what we think you want to hear).  So, while we handle your attestation needs, you can fully enjoy the upcoming Eid Holidays with your family & friends.

eid holidays and attestation

Just click here to get a quote for your document or you can call and speak to one of our attestation specialists directly on  +971 (0)4 556 7338.

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